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Zerostat 3 Anti Static Device

Zerostat 3 Anti Static Device

Product introduction

  • Effective in neutralizing electrostatic charges on virtually any surface.
  • Eliminates static electricity in the laboratory, plant, darkroom or home.

What are some typical applications and features?

  • Prevents charged particles from flying during weighing or transfer of powders and keeps powders from sticking to containers.
  • Keeps film, glass, laboratory slides and plasticware dust free.
  • Neutralizes static from photographic lenses, negatives and slides to release dust and lint.
  • Constructed from durable hard plastic, a long lasting alternative to cleaning brushes.
  • No batteries or electrical power supply required.
  • Non-radioactive.
  • Convenient, hand-held and lightweight.

How does ZEROSTAT 3 eliminate electrostatics?

  • The pistol-shaped molded plastic device with a trigger mechanism incorporates a unique piezo crystal device.
  • A squeeze of the trigger creates a stream of positive ions and a stream of negative ions on trigger release. This cancels static charges.
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