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Sunsep™ Membrane Air Dryers

Sunsep™ Membrane Air Dryers

Product introduction

Sunsep™ hollow fiber membrane air dryer systems are an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use solution for your air drying needs. The systems require no electricity, no draining, and are maintenance-free. Compared to conventional freezing and adsorption systems, Sunsep systems, based on fluorinated ion exchange membrane technology, are smaller and lighter, and can be used to control moisture in pneumatic and analytical gas applications. The systems can also be used in a variety of gas humidification applications.


Non-motorized system

No power source or electrical connections required.


The system has no moving mechanical parts, so it is maintenance-free.

No draining

Since there is no drain off, as in freezer systems, no drainage processing is required.

Environmentally friendly

Unlike freezer systems, the SunsepTM systems use no refrigerant gases, and do not contribute to global warming. Further, no adsorbents are used, so no waste material is generated.

Non-porous membrane

Since only water vapor permeates the membrane, the system can be used for clean humidification applications and dewatering of gases other than air.

Primary Applications

  • Pneumatic instruments
  • Analytical equipment
  • Gas detection systems
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Gas generation systems
  • Clean humidification
  • Medical gas humidification
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