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Zerostat 3 Anti Static Device

What is Sunbonder®?

A portable ultrasonic soldering device which operates like a conventional soldering iron, but does not require the use of flux for high-quality soldering to glass and ceramic.

New Sunbonder USM-560 is now available.


  • Ultrasonic soldering
  • Soldering to glass, ceramic and hard to metal solders
  • Portable design
  • Use with Cerasolzer® solders for best results.

SUNBONDER USM-560 Features

  • Ultra Portable New Design
  • Heater temperature can be monitored and adjustable
  • Ultrasonic power and frequency can be monitored and controllable
  • Network connection, external control is optional


USM-560New standard model with temperature control and more
USM-540High power, large tip (10mm O.D.) model.
USM-5282 inch wide (50mm × 10mm) extra-large tip for soldering large areas
Automatic Soldering UnitExcellent for solar cell applications
Other ModelsKDP-100, Finebonder, ACSS-KV, ACSS-H
Discontinued ModelsUSM-III, USM-IV,SO-6,USM-28


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