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The production standards for today's high technology manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly strict.
One technology that is integral to a variety of manufacturing processes is low differential air pressure measurement. Manostar products provide a low-cost solution for your low differential pressure measurement requirements.
Manostar products are used in many areas, ranging from building air handling system (air filter) management to monitoring of internal air pressure at nuclear facilities, to control of pressurized instruments, etc.
The electronic Manostar system provides automatic computerized control of differential pressure and air volume, making it possible to reduce energy and monitoring costs.

What is Manostar?

In Japan, the word "Manostar" has become synonymous with high quality low differential pressure measurement equipment.
Yamamoto Electric Works Co., Ltd. first introduced Manostar in 1961.
Since that time, the company has built on its extensive knowledge base to develop a full range of low differential pressure gauges, low differential pressure switches, and pressure measurement systems (Manosys).
The Manostar series has been well-received for its excellent cost performance, and for the wide variety of accessories that are available.

What is Manostar?

About Low Differential Pressure Gauges

Air naturally flows from areas of higher pressure to areas of lower pressure. This principle can be employed to keep a room from becoming contaminated by outside air, or to keep the air in a room from getting outside.
Low differential pressure gauges are used to monitor and control this type of air movement. Manostar products can be found in skyscrapers, semiconductor manufacturing lines, clean rooms, nuclear power plants, and a variety of other facilities.

About Yamamoto Electric Works Co., Ltd.

Yamamoto Electric Works Co., Ltd. is recognized around the world as a leader in the field of low differential pressure measurement and system control.
The story begins with the 1961 launch of Japan's first low differential pressure gauge, the "Low Mano".
Since that time, the company has successfully developed and refined an innovative line of high precision, low cost instruments, known today as the Manostar Series.
A new manufacturing facility was added at its HQ in Kobe, Japan in 2000, optimizing the company's R&D and manufacturing capabilities for the quickest response to market needs.

Manostar Products

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