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GTR-TEC® Permeation Analyzers

Who is GTR-TEC®?

Introduced permeability analysis using Gas Chromatography (GC) in 1970.
Offers permeation analyzer systems to operate over the widest range of temperatures, humidity & special conditions.
Developed proprietary software for analyzing GC results

Why use GC for Permeation Analysis?

Analyze single or blended gases.
Separate blended gases into their individual components.
Analyze all gas components simultaneously and separately.
Accurately determine the permeation rate of each gas component.
Use both TCD and FID detection systems.
Analyze liquid, vapor or dry gases.

Testing Applications

Films Tubes
Membranes Tanks
Seals Bottles
Connectors Containers
Hoses Caps
Pipes Resins
Automotive Parts: Pipes, Tanks, Tubes, Seals, Connectors

Permeation Testing Systems for

Dry and wet gas permeation through films
Gas permeation through PET bottles
Automotive parts: Gas permeation test using Micro Shed System
Wet gas permeation through proton exchange membranes (PEM)
Gasoline, Methanol and other VOC permeation through films and membranes
Customized systems to meet specific operational requirements

GTR-TEC® System Features

Manual or fully-automated systems
Specially designed test cells
Equal pressure & differential pressure methods
Up to 6-sample testing simultaneously
Qualitative and quantitative analysis
Fixed temperature or temperature cycle testing
Humidity, temperature & pressure control

Product Lines

GTR-11A/31A Dry gas permeation test Films (PDF:52KB) Download
GTR-100GW/30X Wet gas permeation test Films (PDF:56KB) Download
GTR-VOC Methanol・VOC permeation test Films (PDF:48KB) Download
GTR-GASOLINE Gasoline permeation test Films (PDF:48KB) Download
GTR-FC Wet gas permeation test PEM (PDF:64KB) Download
GTR-SHED Gas/Vapor/Liquid permeation test Finished Products Piping, Tanks, etc. (PDF:148KB) Download
GTR-PET Gas permeation test PET Bottles (PDF:48KB) Download

Testing Service

We also offer contract testing services at GTR-TEC Laboratory.
Please contact us for details.

System Composition

System Composition

Gas Barrier Testing System with GC (Gas Chromatography)

Gas Barrier Testing System with GC (Gas Chromatography)
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