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An Amorphous Fluoropolymer

Unlike conventional fluoropolymers, CYTOPTM has an amorphous (non-crystalline) structure. This makes CYTOPTM exceptionally transparent, with visible light transmission levels greater than 95%.

CYTOPTM is available in three grades (grades A, M and S) for different applications. It can be dissolved in a special fluorinated solvent and applied using a variety of coating methods. Whatever the application, you will be impressed with CYTOPTM’s excellent transparency, electrical insulation, water and oil repellency, mold release, chemical resistance and moisture resistance properties.
Bellex International Corporation has extensive experience in the CYTOPTM business, and is pleased to be able to recommend the right product for each application. Small sample kits are available - please contact us for more details.

What is CYTOPTM?

What is Cytop®?

CYTOPTM is an amorphous fluoropolymer with ultra-high light transparency (over 95%).

CYTOPTM is provided as a polymer solution dissolved with a special fluorinated solvent for thin-film coating.
With 3 grades available, (S-type, A-type and M-type), CYTOPTM can be used in a variety of applications.


Transparency and Optical Properties Over 95% light transmittance through DUV to NIR range.
Sometimes referred to as "plastic glass"
Refractive index at 1.34, close to water.
Electric Insulation Excellent Low-K (Dielectric Constant) value at 2.0-2.1 and high Dielectric breakdown strength.
Water and Oil Repellency Hydrophobic, like other fluoropolymers.
Mold Release Low surface tension and good Mold Release characteristics
Chemical Resistance Resistant to acids, alkaline and organic solvents.
Moisture Proof Low moisture absorption (> 0.01%) and high impermeability.
Thin Coating & Adhesion Smooth surface for uniform thin coatings.
Excellent adhesion and bonding strength even without adhesion promoters or pretreatment.
Choose the grade that's right for your application.


Its unique and excellent characteristics make CYTOPTM suitable for a wide range of applications.

Optical Materials Optical Fibers, Lucina All-plastic Fiber optics
Optical Waveguides
Pellicles, Photomasks Covers
Display Materials Anti-reflection, ARCTOP Film
Liquid Lenses, electrowetting
Semiconductor Materials Low-K materials, Overcoats, Interlayer Dielectric Films
MEMS, Sensors Etching Masks
Gap Filling
High-Performance Water and Oil Repellents
Functional Materials Moisture Barriers
Mold Release
Fluid Dynamic Bearings


TYPE Polymer-end Group Applications
carboxyl group
Plastic coating with or without special primer
Metal and Glass coating with silane coupling agent
Visible light transparency
amino-silane coupling agent
Metal, silicone and glass coating without adhesion promoters.
Perfluoro group
Ultra high transparency through DUV to NIR
UV resistant
Others High Filtration Adhesion Grade (NM Series) and others.
Please contact us for more details.

Adhesion Mechanism

Adhesion Mechanism

Naming of CYTOPTM Grades

Naming of CYTOP Grades

Coating Methods

Coating Method 
Spin-Coating Dip-Coating Potting
Target Thickness (Note2) >10um 0.1-1um 1 to 20um
Shape of Substrate Wafer, flat board Board, parts variable
Thickness Control Factors Polymer Concentration
Solution Viscosity
Spin Speed
Polymer Concentration
Pull-up Speed
Polymer Concentration
Nozzle Shape
Thickness Precision Precise Precise with Dip-coater variable
CYTOPTM Grade CYTOPTM 800 series
Solvent: CT-SOLV 180
CYTOPTM 100E series
Solvent: CT-SOLV 100
CYTOPTM 100E series
CYTOPTM 800 series

Note1: Other coating methods may be applicable. (i.e., precision spray coating).
Note2: Multi-layer coating can be used for thicker coatings.


Many types of CYTOPTM are subject to Japanese Export and Trade Control Laws.
The product may not be given to a third party or re-exported.
CYTOPTM is also subject to U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR).
CYTOPTM is for industrial applications only. CYTOPTM may not be used for medical, food or military applications.

Precautions for Handling

When using CYTOPTM, please comply with SDS.
CYTOPTM is the registered trademark of AGC Inc. in Japan.

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